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Brush Without Toothpaste
Published By prachi chandra vipul dutt on 2010-02-09 271 Views

Brush without toothpaste ‘aapka tooth paste pass hau ya fail?’ it is a line from a very common and popular commercial of a tooth paste in India. The company says they have performed tests in schools by applying a solution on the gums. If the gums turns red then the teeth is caries suffering, if the gingival shows no color change they are healthy. It is true that there are tests for disclosing the health of the dentition. These tests are a part of community awareness used to educate the masses about oral health. The visible result motivates him/her to improve their oral health. Disclosing agents used to perform these tests. Disclosing agents applied on the gums and the color change indicates the health status of the teeth. As a dentist, I say that these are a good medium to motivate the child to brush and enhance his oral habit. I do not disagree with the toothpaste manufacturer or do I do not intend to contraindicate what they say about their product but the dental truth is that the key to healthy teeth is brushing technique. If the disclosing agent tests is positive then and the patient says that he is regularly brushing what needs to be changed is his brushing habit. Tooth brushing is like cleaning and since it is a hard tissue, we can compare it with cleaning of utensils. We use scotch bright and detergent to clean our daily chores. If run water over them we can or we may be able to clean them without detergent. May be that will take more effort our utensils may be scratched but they can be cleaned. Similar is the case with teeth. Toothpaste provides a medium to the brush to run over the teeth without causing much friction and unwanted harm. I am not denying the importance of toothpaste neither telling you to brush without toothpaste, Here what I want to stress is that we should learn the right technique of tooth brushing for maximum benefit. Always an after meal brush even after breakfast and in vertical circular motion is helpful with any toothpaste. Massaging your gum also increases the blood supply to the gums and therefore helps keeping them healthy. There are a few toothpastes with fluoride in them. Fluoride helps fight caries. What helps the most is right brushing technique and daily twice brushing. The proximal surface means the surface that of the tooth that is in contact with the other tooth, tooth brushing is not effective in this area until there are wide gaps between the teeth. We can use floss to clean inter-proximal area. daily brushing and right brushing keeps our tooth healthy toothpaste pass or fail do not matter your teeth will not fail.
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